 To enable to calculate the areas of regular polygons, hexagons, octagon, hydraulic mean depth (HMD) of a
channel, area occupied by water of circular culvert. Excavation work.
 To provide the ability to calculate volume of regular solids like pyramid frustum of pyramid, prismoid,
wedge and area of curved surfaces.
 To enable to use the knowledge of gradient of a straight line in finding speed, acceleration etc.
 To enable to use the knowledge of conic in finding the girder of a railway bridge, cable of a suspension
bridge and maximum height of an arch.
 To make understand the basic concept and techniques of composition and resolution of vectors and
computing the resultant of vectors.

Menstruation: Area of rectangles, squares, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rhombus, trapezium, circle,
sector, segment; Volume of rectangular solids, prism, parallelepiped, pyramids, cones, spheres, frustum of pyramid
and cone; Area of curved surface of the prism, Cylinder cone, pyramid and frustum of cone.
Co-ordinate Geometry: Co-ordinates of a point, locus and its equation, straight lines, circles and conic.
Vector: Addition and subtraction, dot and cross product

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