Textile Testing & Quality Control- 1 (1944)

Instructor & SEIP Trainer
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

Subject Aims:
Basic aspects of textile testing, humidity, moisture in textiles, sampling, identification of textile fibers, fiber length & its measurement, fiber strength & its measurement, Trash, naps & their measurement, fiber fineness &its measurement, micromere value, fiber maturity

Subject Outcome:
Students will be understood with an opportunity to acquire knowledge & skill about Testing,
Techniques & System of Testing. Operating system of different modern Testing instruments,
Interpretation & Analysis of testing data uses & Maintenance of testing instruments.

Responsible Muhammad Zayedul Haque
Last Update 27/09/2022
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Textile Engineering Muhammad Zayedul Haque Daffodil Polytechnic institute
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