Geotechnical Engineering

Subject Teacher : Md. Nur Alam , Instructor
Subject Name : Geotechnical Engineering
Subject Code : 66445
Technology : Civil
Semester :4th

Subject Aims:

At the end of the course the student will be able:
Our students will able to know about the soil.
They will learn how to determine various soil.
They also can know about various property of soil.
They can know about the compaction system of the soil.
They will know about the bearing capacity of soil

Subject Outcome:
Introduction to geotechnical engineering; Preliminary definition and simple tests; Particle size of soil; Plasticity characteristic of soil; Hydraulic properties of soil; Consolidation characteristics of soil; Subsurface investigation; Lateral earth pressure; Bearing capacity of soil.

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Responsible Md. Nur Alam
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