Object Oriented Programming

Course Conducted by
Alamin Hossain
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.
This Course for Diploma in Computer Technology

Subject Aims:
● To develop knowledge and skill in Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
● To develop knowledge and skill on C# language as OOP, its syntax, keywords and programming.
● To develop knowledge on the .Net Framework.

Subject Outcome:
⮚ Codes basic programs in C# programming language;
⮚ Uses objects and classes;
⮚ Lists the object-oriented programming concepts;
⮚ Names special functions;
⮚ Codes object-oriented programs;
⮚ Explains and handles exceptions;
⮚ Uses generic classes and methods;

Responsible Alamin Hossain
Last Update 12/13/2021
Completion Time 2 hours
Members 1
  • Overview of C# programming and the .net framework(1)
    • Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
  • Overview of C# programming and the .net framework(2)
    • Introducing C# and the .NET Framework(2)