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Ancient Egyptian Architecture.

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Ancient Egyptian Architecture in a Nutshell - Architecture Stories

Architecture stories is a segment on my channel that focuses on looking into the past and using my “animation skills” to tell the story, specifically dealing with Architecture. In this video we looks at condensed version of the very detailed story that is Ancient Egypt. We discover how Ancient Egyptians constructed their homes and how they varied among social classes. Egyptians were known to believe in the afterlife; therefore we take a look at why they created structures such as Mastabas to protect the bodies of the deceased. It would be a crime to speak about the Egyptians and not mention the Pyramids at Giza; these are covered too. We also take a look at the Temple of Amun, and what it meant to the Ancient Egyptians.

Because these is a condensed version of a detailed part of architectural history (hence “ nutshell “) I have included some of the references that really helped making this video.

Books (Affiliate Links)

Life in Ancient Egypt -

This book is an AMAZING read if you want to really understand how the Egyptians lived. It goes further into detail about their lives than it does their architecture but it’s still a great book to own especially considering how detailed it is for the price.

Architecture of Ancient Egypt -

If you have 30 minutes, you have enough time to read this. It’s a short guide that highlights specific Architecture from Ancient Egypt and gives you facts about each one. It’s not a good book if you really want to understand the Architecture of Ancient Egypt but it’s more like a pocket guide you can carry with you, especially if you’re traveling to Egypt or want a more condensed “study guide” type book.

History of Architecture: From Classic to Contemporary -

If i had to recommend one book to someone who is interested in understanding architectural history as a whole I’d have to recommend this book. It gives you pictures and detailed paragraph describing all the major architectural “styles” through the years; from classic to contemporary as the name suggests. I decided to purchase a physical copy and it arrived a little late so i wasn’t able to use it for the entire video.

Website (Not affiliate)

What an amazing website to bookmark. It illustrates and explains many ancient Egyptian architectural details. Check it out!
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