Textile Calculation-2 (1977)

Textile Calculation-2 (1977)

Md.Asfakur Rahman
Instructor & Assessor
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute & BTEB Dhaka.

To develop the basic knowledge to calculate :
a) Winding b) Warping
c) Sizing d) Loom and knitting production.
e) Read count and heald count. f) Fabric calculation
g) Fabric requirement in garment. h) Sewing thread consumption
i) Costing j) Gearing Calculation

Calculation of winding; Calculation of warping; Calculation of sizing;Calculation of heald count and Reed count; Calculation of loom and
knitting productions,Cloth calculation; Calculation of cloth requirement in garments; Sewing thread consumption & costing.

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