Textile Design & Color - 1973

Course Created By
Rumana Rashid Tandra
Instructor, Textile & GDPM
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

1. To familiarize the students with the drawing instrument and their uses.
2. To develop the skill of the student in making designs.
3. To give the students a clear concept about light and color.
4. To familiarize with color and weave effects.
5. The students able to develop knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of Textile design and color.


Basic concept of drawing instruments and their uses; Designing; Motif and repeat of a design; Construction of design from incomplete repeats; Light and color phenomena; Theory of color; Color harmony and contrast of color; Color and weave effect; Check-stripe and shaded design.

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Responsible Rumana Rashid Tandra
Last Update 10/24/2021
Completion Time 1 hour 12 minutes
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Department of Textile & GDPM Rumana Rashid Tandra