Transportation Engineering-1

Subject Teacher : Md. Nur Alam, Instructor
Subject Name : Transportation Engineering-1
Subject Code : 66462
Technology : Civil
Semester : 6th

Subject Aims:

• To be able to understand the standard types of construction used in Bangladesh for road & pavement, bridge
& culvert to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
• To be able to understand the procedure, methods & techniques used in Construction of road & pavement,
Drainage system, bridges & culverts, Embankment & cuttings.
• To be able to understand the importance of traffic control system.
• To be able to understand the maintenance, servicing & repair procedure, methods & techniques used to keep the highway operational.
• To be able to acquaint with the different aspects of airport construction.
Subject Outcome:
Modes of transportation and history of road development; Highway planning; Road Alignment and survey; Highway geometrics; Sub-grade soil; Highway materials, Construction of road formation & classification of road; Low cost road; Water bound macadam road; Bituminous road; Cement concrete road; Hill road; Highway drainage; Traffic control; Road arboriculture; Highway machinery; Highway failures & maintenance; Highway bridges & culverts; Planning of airport; Geometric standard in airport, airport building & warehouses.

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